Menditch Homes, LLC was formed by combining Luxe Builders, LLC, and Menditch Builders, LLC in 2005.
As business partners and brothers, we have been in the construction industry for over 30 years. First, in the heating and air conditioning industry: engineering and installing over a 200,000 heating and air conditioning systems in new homes, existing homes, and light commercial buildings throughout the Washington-Baltimore Area. Second, we have developed and built a number of commercial warehouse projects and new homes in the Washington D.C. area. Today, we are totally focused on residential homebuilding in Bethesda, Chevy Chase, and Potomac.

• By building new homes for sales.

• And by providing Construction Management Services by working closely with you, from design, budgeting, and product selection through construction to build your dream home.

Construction Management

We can provide construction management services by being your partner in working with you to build your personal custom home. Design: We will work closely with you and your architect, or we will help you select an architect to design
the house of your dreams. Budgeting: We will create a budget for you that is affordable and realistic. During construction, we will monitor
all costs for you and provide you with cost updates. Subcontractors: The most important part of building any home are the subcontractors and their employees.
We have a great group and have carefully selected them for their excellent quality, service and reliability. Our Personal Attention: We will supervise your home personally as it is being designed, planned, and built.
We make sure things are being done right and on schedule. Product Selection: We will spend as much time as you desire to help you make your selections:
kitchen, flooring, fixtures, and more. We have the resources to make it an enjoyable experience. As your personal construction manager: Serving as your construction manager, all of our material, and subcontractor costs are your
direct costs with no markups. It's all transparent, and it makes you as much of the building
process as you like. We are able to manage the entire process for you including: architect,
engineer, financing, lot selection, permits, budget, job costing, and paying invoices.
However, you may spend your money where you wish and decide your level of involvement.
You do not have to select everything upfront under pressure, you can decide along the way.